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Gator Trax builds high-quality, shallow water boats so that you can maneuver with ease through whatever water you want to take on. Our custom built aluminum boats feature a standard design with additional layouts and accessories that fit your needs.Our boats blow the traditional flat boats out of the water, thanks to the thickness of the aluminum hull and our longitudinal bracing system. Rounded chines, angled transoms, smooth bottoms and airboat style rakes are design standards in Gator Trax boats. We provide engineering perfection to meet the demands of hunters, fishers and whoever else wants to hit muddy waters on an excellent boat. Beyond these standards, we offer customizable options for each buyer’s specifications.Gator Trax builds each custom hull at the time it’s ordered and we provide a lifetime warranty to our custom built boats. Take some time to look through the variety of shallow water boats we have available, and make sure to browse our accessories and options to see how we can meet your demands.

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Gator Trax Custom
Aluminum Boats

You can count on us to give you performance, quality, and a fair price.
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