Hybrid Rake

The V Rake tapers to nothing just after the first 6 feet of boat tapering to a flat surface at the water so it doesn't interfere with shallow water performance. But when it hits a wave, the water is thrown out to each side instead of up and over the bow...and onto YOU!

The Hybrid is a great hull for traversing rough water and still having the ability to get super shallow when you need to. The V Rake stays out of the water and will not inhibit shallow water performance, but it WILL divert water from waves or boat wakes out to the sides instead of up and over the bow. Not available on Flats, Gator Hide, or 18” Sided 50” bottoms.


Hybrid Rake GT Models (Only available on the following models)

  • • 44” with 21” sides- $757
  • • 50” – $757
  • • 54”- $757

Hybrid Rake Big Water Models

  • • 62” Bottom- $1390
  • • 70” Bottom- $1390

Product Video: Watch the Product Video