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You have three Mud Buddy choices, the traditional longtails, the Hyper Balanced Drive and now the new full feature HD Sport with short drive, neutral, power tilt and trim and much more!

Leading the industry with innovation, superior quality, unmatched performance and price. Pound for pound, and dollar for dollar, there is no better performance and value for your money than the HD Sport 35 Magnum

Magnum 35 Vanguard

HD Sport

An all new level of performance and handling. Evolution at its finest. First, there were longtails, then outboard mud motors and the Hyper style drive, and now, we proudly introduce the next level of performance and backwater travel, the HD Sport.

The Sport features a cast aluminum outdrive with enhanced performance, superior construction, is loaded with standard features, and all this at a great price.

You have been waiting for a full feature mud motor with all the bells and whistles - so here it is. Throttle response is important and the 35 Mag Sport will pick your boat up and move it out with power to spare. And we have a full selection of other motors from 14 to the very popular 45 and HD7000. The Sport comes with and electric clutch and a neutral. Add to this, an easy-steer short outdrive, an all new quick and responsive electric tilt and trim, a squeeze grip throttle and our newly designed control box with a convenient thumb control trim switch mounted on the end of the handle, plus more.

Do yourself a favor, check out the next generation of four-wheel-drive for your boat. And while you are at it, supersize to the Mag 35 HD Sport.

Note: Hyper Sport motors come standard with electric clutch, power trim, floating handle, and transom saver feature.

*** Mud Buddy engine prices include installation on Gator Trax boats. ***

We use Mobil One Fully Synthetic Oil in all our Mud Buddy Motors that leave our shop!

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