Used Gator Trax Boats, Motors and Trailers

Gator Trax Boats has placed this page here as a SERVICE to our customers in order to help them sell their boats and motors. We have the right to showcase, or more importantly, NOT showcase any boat and motor we choose. We also DO NOT OFFER ANY WARRANTY, IMPLIED OR OTHERWISE, FOR THESE BOATS, MOTORS, AND TRAILERS, UNLESS THEY HAVE EXISTING FACTORY WARRANTIES STILL IN EFFECT.
Furthermore, many of these boats and motors we have never seen, they are not here at our factory. Consequently, we are going on the good faith testimonies of their owners to tell us truthfully of their condition and mechanical soundness. BFC Marine will NOT be responsible for ANY dishonest descriptions or "problems" these rigs may have. All boats sold "AS IS"!!!


17x50 HD with 4500
2008 20x62 Flats
2014 15x44 Huntdeck w/ 35 Gator Tail
2011 18x54 Huntdeck with 2013 5500 Mag Mud Buddy
17x50 with 35 GTR
2012 17x50 Huntdeck with HD 7000
17x54 HD Hybrid with 35 HD Sport
2012 18x62 Big Water w/ 90 Yamaha
18x50 HD with 45Mag
2012 20x70 Huntdeck with Dual Pro Drive EFI's
1750 HD with 4500 Black Death
2014 17x50HD Hybrid w/ 2012 5500 Mag
2010 1650HD with 35 HD Sport
2014 17x54 Huntdeck Hybrid with 45 MAG and Trailer
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