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18x54 Huntdeck with 45 HD Sport


The All New Gator Flats
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Personal Boat of Gator Trax
This 18x54 Tunnel hull is one of our personal fishing boats. The layout of this hull is hard to beat!

Tiller steer set-ups allow for more room in the boat since there's no need for a console.

17x54HD Hybrid (.190 aluminum) with 90 Optimax

17x54 Huntdeck with 45 Sport Remote Steer

17x54 Huntdeck Dual Stand-Up Consoles with Powder Coat Finish
Mud Buddy HD 7000 Motor

17x54 Huntdeck Hybrid with 45HD Sport

16x50 Huntdeck with front stick steer

17x50 Huntdeck Fishing Model
This model was built after a more traditional bass fishing style rig with Gator Trax Quality and Finish. You still get the features, the layout, and the "fishability" of a production line boat, but you add the shallow water performance, strength, and handling of a Gator Trax. Works with outboards or mud motors.

17x50 Huntdeck with Catwalks
Catwalks make a great addition to our wider hulls (50" and up) They add a lot of surface area or deck space and add the ability to get from front to back quickly and easily.

16x50 with 40hp Mercury

16x50 with 40hp Jet Tunnel Drive
Stick Steer

Redfish Special
This type of hull is becoming more popular each year. You can remove the decks in seconds and be right back to a hunting rig!

Rear deck with double access hatches
One side and one top hatch

Drop step for easily getting on or off of the deck

Custom Consoles
This is a fairly standard console. You may have your console built to your specs. However, we have found that this console is perfect for either standing OR seated driving.

Side Console


Side Console

18x54 w/Huntdeck- 90hp Yamaha
- 3/16 Hull - Live well - Ice Chest Seats - Hydraulic Jack Plate - Hydraulic Steering and more!

Rear Permanent Deck
While this is not the best layout if you want to stand up and drive a mud motor, it works great for outboards or sitting down to drive a mud motor.

18x50 with 45 HP Mud Buddy Remote Steer

Open rear deck with step down

Now available are remote steer packages with center or side consoles. They also come with anti feedback or, even better, hydraulic steering.

Custom Front Decks
This deck was set up with dry storage up front, a custom live well on the left and another large dry storage area on the right.

Removable Ice Chest
If you will be fishing, it will probably be HOT! You can install these removable 54qt chests in an open hull boat and use them for bait, drinks, dry storage, fish, and a seat. It comes with an upholstered lid and a cordura shadowgrass cover. Snaps in place and removes in seconds.

Recessed Area for Trolling Motor Foot Control
Lowers the height of the foot control for ease of operation and ease on your back!

18x54 w/ 90hp on Huntdeck
3/16 Hull

16x44 Huntdeck With Catwalks
The side walking catwalk feature has become very popular with our shallow water fishing customers. These can be put on any of our hulls.

17x54 Huntdeck with Mud Buddy HD7000

16x44 Fishing Rig
Front and rear raised decks allow both fishermen to get a bird's eye view of the skinny water fish. You can remove both decks in less than one minute.

16x50 Huntdeck with front stick steer

Extended Front Decks and Permanent Rear Deck
This design works great as a bass boat or crappie boat with front and rear decks. The huntdeck in the back keeps the motor out of the rear deck fisherman's way.

Rod Box
This rod box is 7ft long. It is lockable and can accommodate more rods than you ever need to carry. Keep in mind that it will take up one entire side of your boat. There is no room for other storage boxes on the same side as a rod box.

3/16 Aluminum Redfish Pro-Fishing Hull with 90hp Outboard.
This hull was designed and purchased by a redfish tournament pro. Catwalks for fighting fish, rod storage, huge live wells, side console, and a ton more!

18x50 with Huntdeck
Rod locker, front fishing deck, livewell, hydraulic steering, rear fishing deck, tons of storage, and more.

Rear Permanent Deck


Removable Front Casting Deck
Gives the fisherman or the bow fisherman a 12" raise for better sight fishing or bow fishing. Fly fishermen love the 4ft x 4ft decks for all the room. Also available on larger boats is the 5ft x 4ft deck. Removes in seconds with no pins, no bolts, just lift! Weighs under 50lbs.

Bowfishing Rig
This 18x54 has front removable casting deck with receiver hitch. The receiver hitch holds a light bar that holds up to 5 huge halogens. Rear poling platform allows for stealth approach and / or backup shooting at fish that slip by the shooter on the front deck. All platforms and light fixtures combined can be removed in less than one minute TOTAL!

17x44 with 21" sides Taller sides on our 44" or 50" bottom hulls are great for rougher water.

Redfish Pro-Fishing Hull
This hull was designed with fighting reds in mind! Cat-walks line the sides to enable you to fight fish from one end of the boat to the other. Huge live wells, side console, and a ton of other options.

Bowfishing / Fly-fishing Deck
This set up is made for bow fishing. Raised removable deck overlooks the receiver hitch option that holds a removable light bar. Light bar can house up to 5 huge halogen lights for bow fishing. Remove the pin, pull out the lights, lift off the deck, and you are back to a duck hunting machine in seconds!

Open Hull 18x54
Placing dual half boxes in the rear of a boat that you plan to use with an outboard or Hyper Drive is a great idea. Gas tank in one, batteries in the other, and you have a seat to drive the motor from. Add dual gun boxes and you have plenty of storage and still an open floor plan for fishing.

Front and Rear Decks

18x50 Open Hull
An open floor plan works the best by far for fishing.

Seat Bases
Place these seat bases strategically for front deck and rear deck fishermen. On longer boats, you may place on in the center as well for a 3-man set up.

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