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At Gator Trax Boats, the buying experience is a little different than you may be used to. Here, you can pretty much get whatever you've been dreaming about for years!

Keep in mind that while all our hulls are designed to be multi functional, if you intend to PRIMARILY fish from your boat, there are accessories you may not want to miss out on. Here are a few we highly recommend.

Extended Deck
Most of our standard front decks come about 42" long. If you are fishing from the front deck with a trolling motor, you will want the extended deck. This adds 16" of deck space so you dont always feel like you are about to step backwards off the front deck. It also allows for a place to put your trolling motor batteries underneath, as well as a fuel tank in some situations.

Trolling Motor Bracket and Wiring
The bracket is required to mount the trolling motor. The wiring must be run during construction and includes the female plug mounted to the boat as well as the male plug to attach to your trolling motor.

Extra Battery Tray(s)
Your boat will come standard with one battery tray for your cranking battery. However, if you are fishing you will need one extra tray (12v systems) or two extra trays (24v systems) or 3 extra trays (36v systems) for your trolling motor batteries. In many boat configurations, these battery trays are placed under the extended deck.

Catwalks are basically a walkway that connect the front deck to the back deck, or rear half boxes. They serve many purposes. You can use them to walk from the front of the boat to the back while fighting a fish wihtout stepping over ice chests and other gear. Walk from front to back without stepping up and down all day. Use them for seating for passengers. Or, enclose them with hatches for rod / gun storage down one or both sides of the boat.
Note- Catwalk storage is not totally dry. For totally dry rod or gun storage, see Rod Box or Gun Box.

Rod Box
This totally dry compartment is 7'3" long, 13.5" tall, and 11" wide at the top. Unlike the catwalks, that can span the entire length of the side of the boat, the rod box MUST be placed in the rear section of the boat and can NOT continue past the second open hull cross brace. You can, however, add a partial catwalk to the end of the rod locker to continue a walking path on to the front deck.
Note- combining a rod box and a catwalk may result in the catwalk and the rod box being at different levels. There may be a slight drop from the catwalk to the rod box.

Permanent Rear Deck
Many of our fishing boats get ordered with remote steer. (driven by a steering wheel on a console). If this is how you want your boat, a permanent rear deck is a nice accessory to order. It gives you a place to store gas tanks, cranking battery, and other items. It also makes a nice rear casting deck for your buddy.

Note- If you are NOT using remote steer and you intend to drive your motor tiller steer, do NOT get this accessory. It will be very uncomfortable to drive tiller when you are forced to sit facing forward instead of turning sideways, which feels much more natural. If you intend to use tiller steer, see Removable Rear Casting Deck.

Removable Rear Casting Deck
If you intend to operate your motor tiller steer and you still want a back deck for your buddy to fish from, this is the way to go. The deck removes for tiller steer driving by simply pulling a pin. Can be fitted with a seat base as well.

Console and Remote Steer Controls
If you want to drive your motor with a steering wheel you will need a console (we offer side consoles as well) and controls. This is an expense many customers overlook. First consider you will need to purchase the console itself, center or side. Then you will need steering, either anit-feedback or hydraulic. You may want gauges for Tach, Fuel, Trim, Water Pressure, etc... Finally, you will need outboard motor controls, rigging, and installation. This cost can fall between $1700 and $2400 depending on your choice of gauges and steering.
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Side Console
The side console offers more room down the center of the boat than the center console.

Removable Lean Post
If you intend to operate your motor with a console and a steering wheel, this lean post is a great option. It is totally removable and is designed to let you lean on it, half sitting, half standing for long runs.

Drivers Seat Bracket
If you intend to operate your motor with a steering wheel and side console, sitting on the rear deck or a rear half box puts you too high and you wind up leaning over to steer. This bracket allows you to drive from a lower position and be more comfortable. You can also accomplish this with a rear storage bench just in front of the rear deck, but this option accomplishes the same thing at a fraction of the cost.

Rear Storage Bench
If you intend to operate your motor with a console, the rear storage bench offers a lowered, more comfortable, driving position. It also offers more dry storage and or a livewell.

GPS Grab Bar Bracket
If you intend to operate your motor tiller steer, your boat will come equipped with a removable grab bar. Your GPS/Fishfinder can be mounted on that grab bar with this bracket.

Side LED Navigation Lights
This is a favorite of ours no matte what you are doing from your boat. But if you fish, it keeps your bow navigation lights off the front deck and out of the way. Mounted flush in the side of the hull so they dont get knocked off. No bulbs to ever replace, all LED.

Deluxe 4 or 6 Rod Holder
Perfect addition to boats with seat bases in the floor. Totally removable.

Sliding Transducer Bracket
This is a must have for shallow water use. This bracket allows you to get your transducer up and hidden behind the boat when you want to traverse shallow water, or the possibility of hitting an obstruction is present. When you are ready to deploy, simply loosen the knob and gravity makes the unit fall into perfect position to read properly.

Another must have. Hydroturf is a closed cell EVA foam that gives you three HUGE advantages! First, you can't slip on it, it has grooves cut in for traction. Second, it is noise dampening when you drop something or walk in the boat while fishing. Lastly, it will NOT GET HOT! You can walk on it barefoot in August!
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Poling Platform
The poling platform allows you to sight cast for shallow fish. When used with an 18' push pole, it also lets you push the boat through water too shallow to operate the trolling motor with stealth. When the poling platform is purchased in conjunction with the Huntdeck, it will not interfere with your back deck space.

The Original Huntdeck
This feature started right here at Gator Trax Boats and has grown to say the least. The huhtdeck offers many advantages, such as a place to get in and out of the boat, flotation placement, and more. But as it pertains to fishing, it frees us the back deck space. You are no longer sharing your back deck with a motor and controls. You can stand on it to fish or work on your motor as an extension of your back deck. Dont miss out on this one.
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Now that you have an idea of what accessories you may want or need, all that's left is deciding the size of your boat. The great thing about Gator Trax is, we can put your final configuration in just about any size hull we make!

While you can put an outboard on most any boat we make, here are the most popular models paired with outboards.

Big Water Editions

Gator Flats


Give us a call if we can help in any way!

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