Gator Trax Boats at Bass Pro

Gator Trax Boats is proud to announce our new business relationship with Tracker Boats! Gator Trax has taken the theory of specific purpose boat building to the next level. By partnering with Tracker, we are now able to offer these boat packages to our customers via Bass Pro Shops and other Tracker locations across the country. Key Tracker locations, like the ones listed below, are allowing us to expand into markets where these shallow water purpose built hulls are non-existent.

In addition, we have consolidated the best of what we do into nine (9) specific models that are most sought after by our customers over the last ten years. Furthermore, we have done the studies to determine what accessories are most popular, which layouts and designs work best, and added a few of our own custom touches to these nine models. This really slims down the guess work to newcomers to the realm of shallow water boating. Instead of hundreds of options and over five dozen models, the consumer has the best of the best already configured in a concise package….that works!

If that’s not enough, don’t worry, Gator Trax still builds custom hulls. Those hulls can be ordered in the same Tracker locations, our existing established dealers, or at the factory with no problem. As this is a new program, these pages and package information will be updating often. Be patient with us as we build this section of the site. Thanks!

See Participating Tracker Locations