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Nat Gear, BTB, and Gator Boat Brown come 42" Wide and 60" Long
Duk-Grass comes 47" Wide and 87" Long

All sheets  come with cut grooves for traction and 3M peel and stick adhesive on the back

NOTE-Hydroturf looks different in the sun light and in photos taken outside. If you want to get the best idea of what it will look like, look at the sample board picture to your left. Once you get it on your boat and out in the sun and back off of it 10 ft, it will appear more like the pictures. We have ONLY ONE Duk Grass Camo. It has not changed in 8 years.


Hydroturf is a closed cell foam that won't hold water, is very difficult to stain, and offers a lot of advantages over other floor coverings.

  • No Slip Surface Has Grooves Cut In

  • Insulation Properties Far Surpass Bed Liner Coverings. You can walk on this stuff barefoot in Louisiana in AUGUST!

  • Noise Dampening Qualities

  • A Must For Hunters and Fishermen!

  • Colored Thru and Thru!

Gator Trax has four proprietary colors available only through us!
Gator Boat Brown *  Duk-Grass Cameaux *  Natural Gear Camo * BTB Camo

Sold By The Sheet Or Professionally Installed From Our Factory!

Now offering Hydroturf in CAMO patterns!

Duk Grass Cameaux

The first is our own custom color. It has all 7 colors that our
Duk-Grass Custom Camo paint scheme has, all mixed into a swirl pattern.

Gator Skin turf to go with the Gator Skin Camo Paint

Hydroturf is a closed cell foam that will NOT hold water, will NOT freeze, and provides a non-slip surface due to the precut grooves. It provides a softer place to stand while fishing, it's a SUPER insulator against heat or cold on aluminum, and it is VERY lightweight. No other product beats this, PERIOD!

Duk-Grass Camo Pattern

Nat Gear Pattern

Duk-Grass Camo Pattern

Nat Gear Pattern

Hydroturf comes in a rainbow of colors but we have our sheets custom made to match our boats. Gator Boat Brown , Nat Gear, and Duk Grass Cameaux are available ONLY at Gator Trax.

Floors, decks, seat lids, you name it, we can install it!

Perfect Color Match!

Gator Boat Brown

Unbeatable for protection from the heat while summertime fishing. No fishing boat should be without it.

Shades of Grey

Shades of Blue Swirl

More Blue Swirl

BTB Camo

BTB Camo

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Box Lid Pads
Box Lid Pads
Hottie motor cover
Hottie Motor Cover
Bow Light Protector
Bow Light Protector
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Gator Trax Short Sleeve
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